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Clear Channel/Evil Empire
Interesting story from The Orlando Sentinel by Jeff Leeds
6 Reasons to Boycott Clear Channel and Their Advertisers
Some compelling reasons why Clear Channel and the advertisers that support their company should be boycotted. From animal cruelty, to human casualties, their disturbing behavior is causing people to tune out.
Corporate Nepotism: From the White House to Clear Channel, it's All in the Family
Connect the dots between the White House, the FCC and the dominating corporate control of Clear Channel and their true relationships. Family values means corporate profits over human rights and needs.
Washington Tunes In
Critics accuse Clear Channel of shady radio deals and nasty concert business. Now the government is starting to pay attention.
U.S. Senate Candidate Andy Martin Files Criminal Charges Against
Clear Channel Communications With U.S. Department of Justice
...In his referral to the Criminal Division of Justice, Martin stated under penalty of perjury he believed Clear Channel had committed wire fraud through its use of false and deceptive listener contests. Martin's referral to the Criminal Division outlines Clear Channel's fraudulent behavior...
Clear Channel Communications is Evil
Who are these guys? I know this may seem a little obscure to the uninitiated. But ironically, you are exposed to Clear Channel's influence every day...
I Don't Think I'm Ready For This Jelly
...This cookie-cutter crap infects our radios because of one evil empire known as Clear Channel Communications. Chances are, this giant monopoly owns two out of three radio stations in your market. They've gobbled up thousands of stations in every imaginable format: in essence homogenizing our listening experience...

Evil Radio Empire
Here, you will find information on corporate radio and the negative influence it has on the music industry.
Federal Proposal May Dry Up Radio Streams
As you may know, the RIAA has proposed higher royalty rates for radio stations that stream their broadcasts over the internet. This would, of course, effectively shut down many Web broadcasts by non-Clear Channel radio stations.
Two Hours in the Life of a College Radio DJ
...What that means is identical playlists, majority-rule programming, and severe censorship of ideas and new music on the radio. The main problem is that even the company's mission statement gives the impression that Clear Channel stations are less about music and more about money: "Clear Channel's mission is to broadcast the best programming to the broadest audience providing the best value to advertisers." To advertisers, not to listeners...
Crap Channel
This page is dedicated to all the atrocities of a corp. out of control. Bent on nationwide domination of the public airwaves and providing the most mediocre product possible. Yes, I am speaking of CLEAR CHANNEL RADIO.
This page also has links to articles / websites about Clear Channel and it's abuse of the system.